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Artist Statement:
    I was born and raised in Bronx New York and have been drawing from the age of 5 with pencil and crayons, slowly graduating from one medium to another until finding a love for mixing acrylic paint with airbrush and traditional brush on assorted surfaces. When selecting the next black and white photo realistic painting to hit my canvas I choose images of familiarity using multiple photographic reference’s to recreate there true life essence and emotion with identifiable characteristics which I then transfer to a clay board or aluminum panel. To create my paintings I use a process of application and removal of acrylic paint with an Airbrush and traditional brush, balancing layers of black while removing paint with an eraser, razor and other abrasive materials to highlight and texturize my subject with the white of the surface I’m painting on. I do this continuously until all tonal values are balanced to my liking. My images are painted using only the color black with a splash of color no white paint is used it’s the absence of color that provides the white. I call my technique, “The Art of Removal”.


    Local New York award winning artist Dan Menta, featuring art with an intention to heal has on display and created many pieces to do just that. Knowing that the interpretation of art is in the eye of the beholder, Dan creates black and white life like images of legends or family with a splash of color that connect us with people from our  past, this is where his true passion exists. Dan specializes in photo realism creating works of art that could be found on canvas, clay board, aluminum, wall and vehicle murals. In addition his collections of colorful koi fish are sure to transform everyday into a peaceful escape.

              “I can’t think of any other special place to put my artwork than into the hands of a son who lost his dad without ever hearing his approval or on the walls of a children’s hospital evoking inspiration and healing for the children their families and the staff”- Dan Menta

Mission Statement: 

To create global works of art with the intention to inspire heal and evoke peace.​


2009 Biennial of Contemporary Art Diploma of Excellence Honorable award​ 2010 International Juried Fine Art Painting Competition
Second Place-Judges Award and best of Category For my Canvas Painting Coming Up Short

2012 International Juried Fine Art Painting Competition First Place Award & Best of Category For my painting
'Chairman of the Board' Frank Sinatra  Photo credit

2012 Artist Wanted Editorial Committee Chose's one of my paintings ‘Chairman of the Board’ Sinatra portrait
featured in their publication Art Takes Times Square A special coffee table book Photo credit


Dan’s art can also be found on his Print on Demand web site

or @ ArtBlend Gallery 2736 East Oakland Park Boulevard Fort Lauder-dale Fl. 33306

To reach Dan for a Custom Painting or questions about his work call    917-681-5267


The Art of Removal

The Fine Art of Dan Menta

Welcome to

The Art of Dan Menta

  • Where black and white with a splash of color come together while applying my technique The Art of Removal to create a one of a kind photo realistic portrait of Celebrities, Personalities & Iconic Images of yesterday & today.

  • Also my collection of colorfull Koi Fish are sure to Invoke Peace and Tranquility.




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